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Are parents obsessed with mobile phones?

Are parents obsessed with mobile phones?

It was a usual morning on the 9th of September, 2018 in Germany. But something that happened on the day shook the world in an unexpected manner. There was a protest held by 150 children aged between 7 and 13. The protest was led by a 7-year-old kid against the excessive mobile phone usage of parents. The child’s parents were informed by the cops and were shocked to see the little ones walking around the streets with slogan written boards. No one realised the seriousness of excessive phone usage until the protest. Very often parents complain that the millennials are addicted to mobile phone and technology. But the question is, is it only the younger generation that is obsessed with phones?

Well, the protest answered it better. Technology has undoubtedly made our lives easier. Now the entire world is a click away. Smartphones have emerged as a powerful tool not only for communication but also for other everyday needs. It is awesome to sit at home, share your views on twitter and insta, shop without spending much energy and book tickets or pay bills without having to stand in queues. These things have become more common today as it is inevitable for people to run their everyday life. Also, it is unjust to ask people to give away these comforts for the sake of their children. But they can surely spend lesser time on the phone screens in order to have real conversations with their kids.

Now, why is it important to spend lesser time on mobile phones?
Smartphones have an equal amount of disadvantages as their merits. Many scientists argue that the waves that are emitted by mobile phones are really harmful that they even have the power to cause heart diseases and cancer. (We don’t give an ear to it anyway. We never did!) On the same plane, the environmentalists are worried that these gadgets are a huge threat to birds. Now, we have got another potential reason that parents are not taking good care of the children due to over usage of mobiles. A survey conducted with 1000 kids of age between 13 and 17 reports that over 33% of children wish that their parents spend more time with them instead of digital gadgets. In another survey, more than half of the young people agreed that their parents use mobile phones excessively.

The issue has to be taken seriously, for the children are greatly affected by this. It is reported that parents’ obsession with phones causes behavioural changes in the children. It will often result in insensitivity and unnecessary tantrums. The children are also likely to feel insecure and unwanted. As a result, their self- esteem would get infected. The child throws tantrum only to get the attention of the parents even if it is negative. They prefer negative attention to no attention at all. Which proves that parents’ role is very important in shaping the lives of the kids. It is also to be noted that, the children learn to socialize and communicate with others only through the interactions they have with parents. Which is why it is necessary for a parent to spend some quality hours conversing with children.

The time has come to look out of the screens! As it is said, “Be the master, not a slave!”

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