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Best schools for future leaders are not off the shores !! Its You !!

Best schools for future leaders are not off the shores !! Its You !!

We always think that the best schools for global leaders are somewhere off the shores. But we never realize that the best schools for all well known global leaders were their very first school i.e. nothing but their Moms !! You can call her the very first school or very first teacher, a child gets. We at times do not realize how much we are from her. Those initial days of mother and a child at times creates history for the world. So let's spend a quality time together... to provide the right leadership to the world which is quite lacking everywhere irrespective of the boundaries of the nations or the organizations.

They are the water sources to give life to small minds and who help kids to learn various skills and teach them to talk, walk, and further share their own experiences to decide the good and the bad in today’s fast paced and extremely competitive world. A distinction needs to be made and understood between Parental Education and Education at Schools. We get our values, our cultural inputs from our parents whereas schools impart academic education to shape our careers for a bright future.

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Early in life, parents are the only people known for their kids, taking care of them and showering love and affection and devoting time in order to teach them the early skills of body actions, gestures, eating, walking and so on. As they enter school and take up higher education parents offer their help by suggesting courses and locating resources in the form of books, friendly contacts that can be extremely useful in shaping up a child’s future.

Parents teach less by telling children what they should or should not to do and more by daily life examples. A father, who does have his meals on time, will never be able to teach his children to have their meals on time. A mother, who is untidy at work, cannot expect her children to be clean and neat in their work habits. Research on marriage and divorce has shown that children of divorced parents are very likely to have broken marriages themselves.

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Small kids acquire much more skills by studying their parents and imitating their actions and behavioral actions. For instance a kid trying to clean the floor as his mother or trying to hold a pen to write like his father are ways where kids are learning constantly from their home teachers i.e. their parents.

As kids grow up, parents have to enter the role of supervising and guiding children especially during exams or when facing challenging situations or making right choices. Values like punctuality, honesty, loyalty, discipline, cleanliness, and respect for laws/ elders are passed on by parents to their children.

When the child first comes in the world it is the parents who are associated with them for that first phase who make the child acquainted with the world outside. The child learns to speak by picking up the words his parents use while talking to him or her. The initial understanding of what is good for the child and what can be dangerous makes the child aware of what is right or wrong

It would be apt to conclude with Fred Rogers’ quote. He said, “parents are like shuttles on a loom. They join the threads of the past with threads of the future and leave their own bright patterns as they go.”

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