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Challenges in raising children with special needs

Challenges in raising children with special needs

“The child is the father of the man”, says Wordsworth. Every child is an embodiment of divinity. Very often we hear parents saying that they learn a lot from their children. Children of today’s generation are way ahead than those of the previous one. It is due to this that parenting is said to be a difficult task. Parents have to be active learners in the process to succeed in raising better humans. However, the case entirely different when it comes to raising children with special needs. Thanks to the liberal society for respecting and recognising the kids with special needs as gifted ones, thereby, making their lives a lot easier. 

Let us look at the various challenges that come in the way while raising these children.

Who is a special child?

The first thing that comes to our mind while reading this question is the children with physical disabilities. But one should know that there are other children who need special care. For instance, children with mental or psychological disabilities are also the ones who need special attention. In certain medical conditions like ADHD can be cured (although not completely) by providing proper assistance. There are minor disabilities like learning disorders and lack of attention are also present in the children that should be diagnosed and take care of. The parents who assist the children with special needs have to be brave and strong-willed since there are chances that it might affect your usual routine and peaceful living. 

Challenges in raising children with special needs

Know the problem- The very first step to help your child is to test and know where the problem lies. One may not be able to find the symptoms until the child attains a certain age in the case of learning disorders and other medical conditions. However, the physical problems can be visible and make sure that you never take them lightly.  

Proper medication- The most important thing that you can do as a parent is finding a proper and well-equipped hospital or resources for effective treatment. One has to give utmost care while choosing the hospital and the therapist or medical provider who has expertise in the field. Once the medication starts, it has to be provided regularly. Always stick to one method of treatment instead of adapting two or three simultaneously. 

Emotional stability- The parents should address the emotional support of the child with special needs. The children might suffer anxiety and stress due to pain. So the parents should always be by their side in order to make them feel good. 

Maintenance of relationships – Parenting kids with special needs require an investment of time and energy. People focus more on the child and the needs that they end up having unhealthy relationships with other members of the family. It is true that the family members have to play a supportive role in the growth of the child but it also equally important for the parents to maintain good bonding with others. 

Dealing with stress- It is not only the children but also the parents suffer stress and depression due to the tension created in their everyday life and routine. Parents have to sacrifice a lot in order to raise these kids. They have to spend most of their time taking care of the child. But one should know that recreation also has its significance in the process of parenting. Yoga and meditation also help in keeping the stress away. 

Educate yourself- The best way to deal with all the stress and anxiety caused due to the challenges in parenting these kids is to learn about the condition. There are some organizations that help to do this. Do visit and to know more about the special children. Seminars and workshops are also being conducted by the organizations where you can learn about a lot of other disabilities and how to handle them. Reading the books written by parents who have had similar experiences would help you greatly to tackle your own. Finally, be brave and patient that you might not know how successful your child would be in future!

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