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Does sports matter in kids’ overall development?

Does sports matter in kids’ overall development?

Can you imagine your childhood without those kids’ parks, evening games, and Sunday sports routine? You have had a poor childhood, I would say if you haven’t had these experiences. Whenever I come across the word “sports”, my thoughts dive right into the memories of games period that we had in school, where we would rush to the playground to forget the world.

Sports and games are inbuilt in our mechanism. Every individual can perform sports activities without much effort. Also, we are all aware that sports activities are great for the physical growth and motor abilities of the children. But the role of sports doesn’t stop there. There are many other unimaginable benefits that sports offers. So, this article provides insights into the importance of sports in children’s overall development.

Why sports matters?
UNICEF says that Article 31 of the conventions of the rights of children ensures the children their right to play and right to sport. Sports and games are closely associated with childhood. And it is something that people from every kind would enjoy. Sports has no religion, no race, no language and absolutely no differences as it treats everyone alike. It is very true that even the poorest of the children elate themselves with the play.

Sports and other physical activities are great for the cognitive, physical and mental abilities of the kids, especially at the early stages of development. It is an amazing platform which allows the children to communicate and socialize with their peer groups. Eventually, they will grow more confident about their personality which would aid them to be successful in their endeavours. Studies have been proved that the correlation of sports with academic setup has resulted in improved grades of the learners.

Apart from this, the children who practice regularly, are likely to be free from stress and anxiety caused by the tightly packed academic schedule. It is also well known that games and physical activities help to keep oneself healthy and fit. The major problem that threatens the parents around the globe today is “Child obesity”. You might not believe when I say there are 124 million who suffer this health disorder. The best way to prevent or cure this problem would be the regular practice of sports and other games.

How can you kindle children’s interest in sports?
Analyse - As parents, it is your sole responsibility to analyse and know the interests of your kids with respect to sports. You can watch them play in the park or it or talk to them about it. They would definitely tell you if they are particular about any sport. But don’t ever force it upon them.

Sports in school- Make sure that the school environment allows the students to participate in sports and games activities. Schools are the best platform to master anything that interests them. It would also help them to choose sports as their career.

Play along- The very effective strategy to pull your kids towards physical activities is by playing along with them. This would also aid in building strong bonds between you and your children.

Use media- Media, when rightly used, would become a powerful tool that makes our lives easier. One way of using it to improve sports activities is by watching the matches on TV or live streaming with your children. This would again, builds a stronger bond with you as well as the sports and games.

Sports club- When your child finally shows more interest in any particular kind of sport, then it is time for you to join them in a good sports club. This can be considered as a stepping stone towards their sports career.

Not everyone can be a professional player but everyone is capable of becoming one. It is all a matter of interest and effort. So, the next when you meet children remind yourself to ask them, “What is your sport?!”

Happy sporting!
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