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Home decors – Create a perfect growth environment for your little ones

Home decors – Create a perfect growth environment for your little ones

The immediate environment where the child grows up has great impacts on the development process. Researchers say that the home environment should be peaceful and free of stress and anxiety. There are a lot of things that contribute to the ideal growth environment. The parents play a key role in building up the optimal conditions for development. There are some factors that affect the growth of the child such as fighting with your partner, economic instability in the family and overcrowded living spaces. Although these things are significant, UNICEF lists certain other elements that provide a better growth or learning environment.

It is not only the psychological factors but also the physical surroundings does impact the child’s growth process. According to UNICEF, a perfect living space must be safe and secure and also it should be well organized. There should be enough space for the children to play around and explore things. The developmental objects such as books, posters and other learning materials like toys will also be beneficial. Here I would like to mention that there is a recent development in the field of critical theories called “Thing Theory” formulated by Bill Brown. The theory interestingly deals with the relation between man and objects. Very often, we fail to recognise the importance of the things that we use in our everyday life.

Considering this, here are a few tips to build a good growth environment for your little ones through home decors.

Choice of colour – Whenever you paint your house make sure that you use appropriate colours for the different living spaces. It has been proven that the choice of colour does have an impact on the mood of the children. When it comes to painting, one could see that the stereotypical notion of parents when they paint blue for boys’ room and pink for girls’. But there is actually huge psychology behind the colours. For instance, if you would like to keep your kids energised you can paint their rooms in shades of red. If you want to make them feel warm and cheerful, you can opt for orange and yellow. Blue and green promote learning. If you would like to inculcate the sense of spirituality in young minds, I suggest you go for purple.

Themed designs- The themed bedrooms are appropriate for the kids in the developmental phase. If organised properly, this can be turned into an effective learning environment. You can introduce your kids to a lot of areas through themes such as sports, marine, fantasy, fairy tales, nature, animals and floral. Make use of the readymade wallpapers available in the market that helps you in changing the themes once in a while. Also, give consideration to the children’s preferred theme in order to recognise their role and importance in the family. People tend to think that the themed decors would cost some penny but one can make simple and minimalistic yet effective themes without spending much.

Bring in the nature-The most important thing that we should teach today’s children is the significance of nature and its resources. It is true that nature has immense power to heal and soothe our mind and body. One way to bring in nature to the living space is by placing indoor plants and flower vases. They can immediately lift up the mood even if you are feeling really low. Apart from this, sufficient windows and trees around the house also help in creating good vibes in the house.

Art pieces- What is life without art? Art is an inevitable component in our day to day life. Anything that represents art would make the space more bright and vibrant. It is a great way to introduce your kids to the tradition that eventually keeps them grounded. There are a lot of ideas one can get online on how to choose the right artworks and wall arts. But do remember that the choices you make are sure to depict your personality.

Posters and hangings- Posters are traditionally being used in the classrooms and learning centres to reinforce certain things in kids’ memory. The strategy is useful however, posters of various sayings and quotes or mere pictures can be used as home decors to create a good living space. You should also frame the little artworks of your kids which makes them feel proud and happy. For every child needs to be appreciated.
The above mentioned are only a brief idea on home decors. Do try and let your imagination flow! Happy parenting!


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