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Is homework from school curbing childhood?

Is homework from school curbing childhood?

Children are being sent to school as early as they start speaking. Right from kindergarten till high school, the students are being loaded with home assignments. There’s no denial that these home works are necessary to aid the learners practice lessons taught in the classroom. But is home work really helping the children?


         Well, the experts have certainly a different view on it. This is one of the most widely discussed topics that provokes opinions from everyone. In this competitive world, as parents we tend to enrol the children in elite schools and try to keep up with the pace other parents. But choosing the right school is really important. However, this homework practise is common in almost all the educational institutions.


        A research conducted by Standford University reveals that about 56 per cent of students consider homework a primary source of stress. A few years back, there was an outrage to ban homework from the schools in US. Some steps had been taken to reduce the level of home assignments till Grade 7. Yet this practise is back with full force and currently the students are burdened with home works twice that of their parents. If this continues to happen, the parents have to face some really serious issues on the future of the children.


Here’s why home works are considered harmful to the young minds.


  • Home assignments can actually cause negative effects on the children. They will gradually start growing an aversion towards education, which hinders their intellectual growth. They will no longer be interested in the subjects and lessons that are taught in schools. Instead they’ll try to engage themselves in other entertainment factors like video gaming. ( over playing can lead to mental illness. Be aware!)
  • Not only the mental health but also the children will be affected physically if they are dumped with too much of home works. This ultimately causes headaches, weight loss, sleeplessness and exhaustion. It may also lead to poor eating habits and the children end up eating junks which is the prime source of obesity in adolescents.
  • Due to heavy load of homework, the students may not find time for sports and other extracurricular activities. (Wouldn’t it be nice to see them play with other children in the park while you discuss your day’s happenings with your fellow parents?) This is a serious problem because the children will turn out to be introverts and they will show less interest in socialising with other people. This will eventually makes them feel isolated and away from the world. (Which shouldn’t be happening!
  • The more you force them to do the home work the less their grades will be. (Yes, you have heard it right) They start doing the homeworks mechanically without much involvement. There are instances where students miserably failed in the examinations due to over home work. They are also inclined to hate the subjects which are actually their favourites.

So how can the parents help their children to face the home work monster?

The one favour that you should offer your children is freedom. (A lot of it) Let the children frame schedules on their own to accomplish the day to day work. Do not force them to do the assignments. This may cause aversion towards to subject. And it is totally OK to get low grades in the examination. (Do not complain!) There are many successful people out there who haven’t even got primary education. The most important thing that any parent should avoid doing is comparing the child with other children. This causes many serious problems like low self-esteem which continues to be present even in adulthood.( So, keep calm!) 


Finally, in this technological era,where Flipped classrooms and Google classrooms are beginning to attack the traditional way of teaching, do we really need home works?!



Jenifer Deivanayagam

Research Intern


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