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Is it important to have kids?

Is it important to have kids?

Childhood is the happiest time of a person's life in most cases. It depends on the circumstances and the number of bad childhood is not small either. One can't choose where he or she will be born. But in spite of all even and odds, as a parent what we feel about having kids. Below are the excerpts of parents from different diversities that could excite you

Michelle, a businesswoman, writes someone needs to have kids for humanity to continue but I’m pretty sure we’ve got that bit covered.

In fact a lot of kids are born in places where women don’t have the power to stop themselves from being forced into sex and pregnancy, don’t have access to health care or birth control, and don’t have resources to help their children to live a life that’s any better, which is why I’ve always wanted to at least be willing to adopt.

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Some people love kids. Some don’t. Some are great with kids. Some aren’t.

Loving kids, wanting them, wanting an unparalleled chance to be sure that there are good human beings in the next generation, wanting to give unconditional love to someone — these are all great reasons to try your hand at raising kids. (Caveat: you won’t always be able to control how they turn out or even if you will have them.)

Wanting to pass on your genes, feeling pressure from society and/or family, wanting someone to love you, wanting to please your partner — those are not good reasons to have kids.

Figure out what you want as opposed to what you think you should do, find a partner who feels the same and has similar values and chooses the path that’s right for you. Childbearing or child-free — both are perfectly valid choices.

Whereas Dawn, a Dad of just one, says; apart from the obvious (if nobody has kids then the human race will become extinct), there are no real vital reasons for you personally to have kids. That said, here is a list of a few things that I have discovered after having a child:

    • It's an awesome feeling, holding a newborn baby and knowing that this tiny little human has come from you.
    • You find out just how strong you are when you have to stand up and take care of someone else who is so totally dependent on you.
    • There is something special about knowing that your family line will not end with you.
    • You find out who your true friends are. If they still want to spend time with you when your three-month-old is throwing up, covered in poo, screaming because they're not well, you're exhausted, haven't washed or changed clothes in three days because you haven't had time, your house is filthy because you have to take care of a sick child etc etc, then you know that they're true friends.
    • You discover what's really important in life. Money doesn't matter. A big house doesn't matter. Designer clothes don't matter. This little person in your arms is all that matters really.
    • That first moment when your child says "I love you".
    • Watching your child grow up, achieve new things, become a person in their own right, it's awesome.
  • Your parents probably want grandchildren. That's not a major reason, but it's there anyway.

I'm sure there are others, but these are the main ones I found.

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A Dad of three Nick, says; In my opinion, children have made me a better man. Much more productive, caring concerned. It's helped me know myself better, especially my flaws. It has taught me to be flawless, or at least aim for that, it has taught me that honesty and sincerity are above all else.

My children have helped me define myself as the man I've always wanted to be, they are the inspiration to everything I do and they are the evidence of divinity and creation.

You've got to bring your best, best game. Always. Always.



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