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Reading is as inevitable as breathing

Reading is as inevitable as breathing

"Reading maketh a full man,” says the greatest essayist of all times, Francis Bacon. Reading is a powerful tool to gain knowledge. Many writers and activists in history have got novel ideas and inspirations only by reading books. No one would dare to deny the role of reading in shaping the minds of the individuals. But have you ever noticed that the exposure towards books and comics during your childhood was much higher than the present one? It is always the technology that will be blamed for our very own deeds. But is it really the fault of technology for the gradual decrease in reading habits?

I stumbled upon a BBC article recently on technology and books, which was titled “The book is dead, long live the book.” The article argues that although digital technology has taken over print publishing, it doesn’t mean that the books are dead. E-Books are still books and they are much cheaper and easily accessible. However, there are still a considerable group of readers who prefer print to the digital medium. So, with that, it is not relevant to finger point digital medium for the decreased rate of reading.

While technology tries to replace the traditional print mode, it may also likely cause changes in the reading style. But that doesn’t prove that reading habit is being affected by E -mode. So what is that refrains the children from reading? Well, don’t be surprised if I say it is technology again! It is so true that science and technology is a double-sided weapon. One has to be careful with the advancements. Researchers say that children’s reading is reducing due to their obsession with games and apps. It is very evident that most of the children today play video games on a daily basis which destroys the ideal habits like reading.

Now as parents, you bear the huge responsibility of rebuilding the habit of reading in today’s kids. The only good thing about the survey conducted by Nielsen Book data is that reading is still regarded as an ideal thing to do by the children. Which means, there are ample chances for parents to rekindle their interest in books and comics. But taking away all the digital gadgets from them, loading their rooms with books or prohibiting them to use social media platforms will not be of any use. Things like this would even lead to frustration and anxiety in children. So how do you help children improve their reading habit?

Start a routine- The first step towards this mission is to create a routine of reading. Ask the children to frame a schedule which also includes reading books.

Kindle the interest- Children at the beginning will be very distracted and disinterested in reading. By providing the books they love and the books that have colourful pictures you can overcome this challenge.

Create a reading space- Make some efforts to rearrange your living space. Fill the child’s room with books and comics for that creates a kind of attraction. The posters of famous characters, quotes and hangings also come in handy.

Bedtime stories- Be a doer instead of a preacher. A bedtime story a day would keep the phone away! Try talking about the books your child is reading, often give examples from stories and let your kid discuss his ideas on the book.

Join Book Club- Book clubs are a great way to enhance the reading skills of the children. Make sure that the school in which your child is studying has a book club or reading club.

Review books- Instead of watching irrelevant videos on Youtube, expose your child to watch the book reviews done by children. This would motivate them to start their own book review channel.

Let us show today’s kids the joy of reliving the lives of Alice, Robin Hood, Famous five, Matilda and many more! Happy reading!


Inspired by BBC, NewYork times and Oxford learning

Pictures from Pexels


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