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Reduce the burden by finding the learning style of your child

Reduce the burden by finding the learning style of your child

We are aware that every child is unique in his/ her own way. Each one is equipped with different kinds of skill sets. It is for this reason that some children excel in academics, some in sports and yet another in art forms. So, comparing one child with another is absolutely absurd. If you really like to help the children in academics or any other form of learning, try figuring out the learning style of your kid.

What is learning style?
Learning style simply means the way how the learner observes, process and retain the given input. Learning can be done in many ways such as touching, seeing, experimenting, and hearing and also through physical movement. Every child prefers to do things in a certain manner. There is no one particular learning style that can be used as a strategy for learning. The child can have two or more learning styles and it can also be increased as the child grows.

What are the learning styles?
There are about seventy learning styles being discovered by the researchers so far. However, there are only three common learning types namely visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning style.

The visual learners are the ones who use vision as their learning skill. These children tend to learn faster if the learning material is presented in the form of visuals. Say, for example, video lessons, diagrams, pictures are the best aids to teach children of this kind. These learners also use illustrations, mind maps and flow charts to memorize the information. It is no wonder that these learners are good at sketching and if given proper guidance they’ll prove to be excellent artists in future. Visual learning style is the most common and traditionally used learning strategy.

The next type is auditory learners. These children use their hearing sense to process information. Auditory learners are good listeners. They prefer to listen to the lectures given by the teacher in the classroom instead of reading materials themselves. These kids like someone else reading stories for them. Researchers say that they are good at learning the language than any other learners. They are also accurate in the utterance. The interesting fact is that these auditory learners are receptive to music and rhythm. So a good beat combined with the apt material can enhance the effectiveness of learning in this type of learners.

Kinaesthetic learners will be highly active in comparison with other learners. These children are non-believers of a traditional classroom set up. They are more curious and learn things by doing. These kids use their cognitive skills well that it ensures a good learning process. They are physical learners, so it’ll be hard to make them sit on a desk and make them do the homework. Most often these kids are labelled as ADHD children which is totally a misdiagnosis. With proper guidance and input, kinaesthetic learners can perform better in academics. Providing them with a suitable learning space will benefit these children.
There is yet another kind of learning style called tactile learners. The tactile learners are the ones who like to experiment with things. Projects, hands-on experiences suits these children better.

Why is it important to know the learning style of your child?
You may wonder that the article about learning styles would be more appropriate to the teacher rather than the parent. Yes, it the teachers responsibility to teach the children in their preferred style. But the parents are also involved in the overall growth of the child. As it is mentioned earlier, every child has a unique learning style. It is practically impossible for a teacher to provide input in a way that suits everyone in the class. But the teacher can take classes by using the learning strategies alternatively. However, it is in the hand of the parents to help the child by proving materials in his/her preferred style, thereby reducing the difficulty in learning things.

It is also to be noted that the child may have more than one learning style. It is better if the parents find their own learning style beforehand for it may contradict with the children. By observing the behaviour child closely, any parent can easily find out the learning style. Most of the learners fall under the above-mentioned categories. There are some online quizzes available to find the learning style, but as a parent, you may know it better than the scientific calculations. Providing materials in their own style kindles the interest in learning. So, no more complaints about low grades. The problem might not be with the kid but with the education system!

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