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Siblings Bond Kiddylanes

Sibling bond- The strongest of all!

Blessed are those who grew up with siblings! The longest and strongest relationship that anyone can have is the one with their kins. There are some biological reasons for why the siblings get connected to each other easily. Researchers have found that not only the twins but also the other siblings have 50 percent of similar genes. Now you know why you hear your kinfolk even if they call you from hundreds of miles away. However, the major part goes to the emotional bonding that the siblings share. If you have two or more kids, you would have noticed them either fighting with each other or caring too much. Whatever the case may be, the relationship would bring in positive traits as they grow up.

Sometimes one can witness the elder one taking up the role of parent to the younger one. It is very true that they try and explore the world together, through which they gain cognitive growth. They also have a natural tendency to accept each other’s differences as they acknowledge their resemblances. Their interactions would influence each other’s lives to a great extent. But parents should make sure that it is a positive one. Not always, the siblings would be caregivers. There are accounts of severe bullying of siblings in the past.

Promoting a healthy sibling bond greatly helps in child development, which is why it is important to understand the various ways through which you can stimulate the connection between siblings. 

Activities- Parents should take time to analyze and know the types of activities that brings the siblings together. This can be a great way to reduce the gap between children who always fight and share less in common. Even if they are very friendly, activities are sure to connect them stronger.


Laugh therapy- Laughter is the best cure of all. It has the power to solve any problem. The living environment should be happy and fun-filled, at least in the early stages of children’s growth. Always remember that a humorous home is a happy home.


Sharing- One of the best things about children who grew up with siblings is their tendency to share things. Sharing is something that teaches them to put others before you, eventually leads to selfless thinking. Create a space where your kids have to share some things in common. It is even better if you let them share a single room leaving more room for the expected bonding.

Bedtime stories- It is a common practice that one of the parents narrating bedtime stories to children. But why not make the elder one read for, the younger one and explore the world of literature on their own? This also fosters imagination and creative thinking in them without much effort.


Family first- Talk to them about your childhood and your experiences on growing up with siblings. By doing so, you can make them understand that family comes before anything else. They will understand their role in the family and the importance of being compassionate to one another.


There is nothing more beautiful and lovable in the world than growing old together with our siblings, accepting each other’s flaws, appreciating the oneness and cherishing the memories. It is a joy indeed to inherit the same with your young ones. Let us celebrate the greatness of siblinghood together!

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