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Time to bring back the long-forgotten values

Time to bring back the long-forgotten values

The millennials always amaze us with their genius and potentials. They are the smartest generation of people among all. The kids today are really good with technologies which makes life a lot easier. This is the time where smart work is preferred over hard work. They are the people who believe anything and everything is possible. As a result, we could witness a number of great advancements happening all over the world. But the only problem with the children of the present generation is that they get everything in abundance! The choices and opportunities that they hold are countless.

You can see a lot of old people lamenting about the present society. Although there were not much developments and technologies present in the previous century, these people consider it a golden period. Why is that the people of the previous generation think high of their own society? What is that the present generation lack in spite of the remarkable advancements in the field of science and technology?

Well, the answer to the question lies in the hands of educational institutions. There is no doubt that the modern education system is the best of all those in the past. But a mere academic qualification is not sufficient for a healthy living. It is the responsibility of the schools to teach children values and morals to show compassion and kindness to fellow beings. The kids today spend most of their time with electronic gadgets and live a mechanical life where there’s no place for values. Let us not discuss whom to blame, for the time has come to bring back those long-forgotten values.

How can you build values in children?

Reading- By reading novels and stories, the children are reliving the experiences of the characters which would guide them to face their real-life challenges. Children always tend to model themselves against their favourite characters. But make sure that you supply them with good works of literature that not only entertains but also instructs.

Media- Try not to introduce the world of media at a very young age. It holds a significant share in polluting young minds. But as we all know, media is a double-sided sword, use it wisely only when it is needed.

Sharing- The very first step to inculcate values in kids is by letting them experience a shared living space at home. Sharing doesn’t necessarily mean the material things. Let the children share the responsibilities of the family, be it small or large, it does create a sense of affinity and attachment towards other members of the family.

Service- A little grown-up children can join organizations that support the needy. Many schools offer such programmes through which the kids get to learn how to treat fellow beings. Humanity is something that is vanishing in current society but programmers like this are sure to save the world.

Role model- Nothing can help the kids as much as you do! Be an example for them to learn moral values. It is only your qualities and attitude towards things that create a long-lasting impact on the kids. Treat the young ones with respect and make them feel their presence in the family in order to see them grow as perfect humans. In Mahatma Gandhi’s words, “Be the change that you want to see”.

Finally, take responsibility to teach kids love, compassion and kindness. Teach them to lend a helping hand and accept each other’ differences. And make them know how things work in humanity. Let us build a better world, a better future together!

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