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Upcoming festivals to enjoy with your kids

Upcoming festivals to enjoy with your kids

The holiday season is approaching. Now is the perfect time to plan for the much needed family time with your little ones. It is always a wonderful experience to go out and explore things with family and kids. Holidays are also great for kids to refresh themselves from their routine. So why not pick a destination that is not only enjoyable but also productive? 

This article guides you through various colourful events and fests for children that are happening this year around the globe.

Bath Children’s Literature Festival

This is the largest festival that is being celebrated for children who are into literature. The fest is happening from September 27 to October 6 at venues around England. The event is a good opportunity to let your children meet and interact with their favourite writers. There are also lots of hands on activities for kids to promote reading and creativity. You can check out the website for more details about the events

European heritage days

Let your children know about the richness of Europe’s culture, art and architecture. I am sure this event is going to be an enlightening experience for you and your kids. It happens between 13 September to 15 September in various places. The motto of the event is to spread awareness to the people about the culture and tradition of the European cities especially France. Many organizations and volunteers come forward to conduct programmes on a common theme. Find out more at

Calgary Stampede

This is a promising event for both parents and kids as they have a varied range of activities for different categories. It is one of the most exciting and adventurous fests that will be held from July 3 to 12, 2020. The fair was originally organised for agriculture and animal protection. Today, it attracts visitors all over the world for its majestic as well as thrilling events. But who wouldn’t like to watch those cowboy characters come alive?! Check out the activities for kids at

Lake Eden arts festival

This is a perfect destination to learn about world music, art and culture while also enjoying the magic and puppet shows and different styles of dance performances. The festival is happening on 17 October and runs till 20 October 2019 at North Carolina. Being one of the biggest art festivals in the world, it never fails to refresh and rejuvenate our mind and soul with those sweet, soothing music. One can witness artists from all over the globe performing. For tickets and further query visit


Bumbershoot is the most visited fest in Seattle as it happens during Labour Day holidays. This is again a music and art festival but the best part of it is, the special place for kids as they fondly call kid shoot. There are myriad of events and activities that are happening which requires a whole blog to detail on. So, the suggested visit is to the official website

Plan the holidays in a productive way by visiting one of the above mentioned fun-filled and creative festivals for children. Let us throw away that monstrous mobile phone away for once and explore the real world with the loved ones. 

Happy vacation!


Official websites of each of the events/


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