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Free Shipping On Order > US$ 40 | Due to COVID-19, All items will be delivered to your letterbox.
Free Shipping On Order > US$ 40 | Due to COVID-19, All items will be delivered to your letterbox.

KiddyLanes - You will love us

A pioneer online store dedicated to kids apparels, accessories and stuffs for activities and play having online presence across the globe with deliverables majorly in United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. is associated with a thought to deliver quality products from the manufacturers  across the world. We basically operate as a marketplace with thousands of our suppliers & manufacturers and provide them an opportunity to explore the World's market with their products. Everyday we are connecting and reaching dozens of new suppliers and to their quality creation to showcase it to the world. Our quality team ensures quality based rating across the suppliers before taking their product on our store within inline warranty of refund if any issue with products or services.

You can visit our collections to buy online the: 

Girls Dance and Group Performance Costumes for School Performance 

Girls Swimwear and Beachwear and Kids Bikini Beachwear 

Girls Birthday Party wear

Girls Baptism Dresses

Boys Formal Suits & Blazers

Baby Safety Items

Baby Dress and Bodysuits

Girls Footwears 

Boys Footwears

and many more categories.


But this is not an end to to our story.

To understand the complete story of our business and its roots, there is another end of our story, which lies in below two questions

- Why we are running a business to connect the supplier's products and overprice them with our optimized margins and then bring to the world's audience?

- Why we are not manufacturing our own products?

First of all, we wanted to provide the international platform to re-market the products of small and medium enterprises without any means of exploitation either, like

- We do not force suppliers to keep their inventory to our fulfillment centers just to freeze their whole capital or goods with us.

- We do not force suppliers to ensure the compliance to our marketing and seasonal campaigns in terms of offering more discounts. We do not force our suppliers to provide the discounts. Rather we encourage an open market concept where we do not force our partners to become a part of any discount or promotional campaigns. 

Rather we are more simple for our small and medium scale suppliers

- We tell them to keep your inventory with them

- We don't force any marketing and seasonal discount campaigns on them. We don't offer discount from our portal on the basic price supplier choose.

- Yes, we have an agreement with suppliers on any proof of quality complains, product mismatch, and to ensure shipping with our agreed shipping options as per our agreed Refund and Return policies.

What completes us as KiddyLanes

The story of KiddyLanes completes with its roots to give back to the society. Initially we thought of initiating KiddyLanes as a charity foundation for child and mother empowerment. But we realized that it is not ethical to collect the valuable charity from others and then run organization from that charity along with funding the remaining part to the charity projects.

Rather, we thought to earn money solely by an ethical business model. With this mindset we initiated KiddyLanes. We earn from you. We run our enterprise from it. And remaining all we fund to our charity projects of child and mother empowerment in developing economies. And I think that's why we are so successful. As we have not a single scope of guilt in the entire value chain.

So in simple words, we create value to small and medium business by providing them an international platform for showcasing their products and we collaboratively earn from it. And this earning after expenses, goes back to society.

Kiddylanes Home page

Under, our targets audiences are the parents of Newborns and Kids, as they are going to rock this World in years to come. We decided to bring value addition in the kids lifestyle by collecting best products for their every needs, as their parents do..!!

KiddyLanes home page

We are committed in delivering quality apparels and stuffs for newborns and kids with imparting competitive advantage to their Moms and Dads due to best pricing. 

We are consistently working to improve our catalogs, our collections, our services to bring highest levels of satisfactions to our customers…The parents…and to the Kids.

Kiddylanes home page

We know that satisfaction is a relative stuff and it keeps changing its dimensions and expectations, and that’s why we strongly believe in having a strong association with our customers for their ideas and suggestions. Our team has a belief that when we listen our customers and their concern…we learn every day… we improve every day…we grow every day…!

We wish you a good shopping experience with us.

Love to hear from you always via

Happy Shopping...!


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